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How to repair damaged lashes

Lash extensions and some forms of lash lifts can weaken your natural lashes. Especially when some lash technicians do not respect the integrity of natural lashes and place extensions that are too long or too heavy, leaving you with broken, thin, and brittle lashes, and in the case of subpar (read, crappy) lash lift formulas, kinked and dry.

How do you bring them back to life?

Sometimes it can take a while to heal the damage done, especially if the lashes have actually been broken and the root damaged. There are plenty of lash serums out there that make remarkable claims and have even more remarkable prices, but for most my ladies, I recommend castor oil.

Castor oil comes from the castor bean (its actually a seed but people have been calling it a bean for oh, like 3000 years so...) off of the Ricinus communis plant, more commonly known as the Palma Christi plant. It was originally native to Africa, but can now be found all over the world. It has huge leaves and really weird looking seed pods, which make it really interesting to put in a garden, however they're one of the most toxic seeds known to humans on the planet so...plant with care? But don't worry, the toxic part isn't in the oil, so we can use it for all kinds of things, and we do!

Castor oil is used in many different health related ways. It can be used as a pack for liver and abdominal conditions since it penetrates the skin very deeply and can be assimilated into the organs. It can also be taken internally to relieve some stomach issues. And, finally where lashes comes in, it stimulates blood and lymph.

The oil not only gives nutrients to the hair itself, it stimulates blood to the follicle, initiating growth. So, in other words, castor oil make the hair itself stronger and heals brittleness AND it will make the hair grow longer, thicker, and in the case of some kinds of loss, just grow in general.

Where do you get it? Many health food stores carry it. It's really not hard to find. How do you use it? Put a tiny bit on a Q-tip and brush your lashes and lash line with it every evening. Easy-peasy.

Want to learn more about oils and their beauty uses? I recommend Susan M. Parker, because she is an oil goddess. You can check her, her classes, and her book out at The more you know....the more oil bottles you'll have floating around your house, honestly.

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