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Do you have a mom who needs to find her radiance again?

Motherhood demands that we squeeze ourselves into roles that other people need from us.


We become teachers, caretakers, bakers, chauffeurs, mediators, chefs, nurses, organizers, coaches, and….


Role Models.


Moms lose a little bit of their own personal identity along the way trying to be the absolute best Mother they can.

A consistent theme from Moms who come to me for skin care is a sense that they don’t know who they really are anymore, and this is their first step into the journey of finding out what makes them an individual.


This year I want to hold space for those mothers ready to journey.


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I’m opening up a special day for moms on Mother’s Day where I’ll be offering a distinctive facial for the purpose of not only pampering her but creating a time where she can connect with herself and remember how truly, amazingly beautiful she is.


Introducing the Lift, Flow, and Release Facial.


This facial combines my #1 most requested facial, The Lift & Flow, and my newest facial, Somatic Gua Sha.



It incorporates the microcurrent and skin restoring herbs from the Lift & Flow, which adds glow, smoothness, and firmness to the skin.


I bring in a meditation to calm the mind, connect with the body’s emotions, and realign thoughts to support confidence in your appearance.


But the Gua Sha is what ties everything together.


Here’s the secret:



Somatic Gua Sha stimulates our bodies to process emotion.

It helps release the emotions of shame from not being the perfect mom.


It helps release the emotions of frustration from the world not working with the master plans you have for your kids.


It helps release the emotions of overwhelm from having far more to do than any one person could ever possibly complete.


It helps release the emotions of doubt from losing faith in your abilities.


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Pent up emotions have a domino effect on the body, causing premature aging signs, like fine lines, thickened skin, puffiness, and diffused redness.


So, all of these modalities together work to restore the skin’s vitality and the spirit’s peace.


This facial will address all of those visual symptoms from unprocessed emotion, as well as help your body stimulate the release of the emotion.





On Mother’s Day (the 12th) only, I’m opening at 10 am and setting the Sanctuary up to indulge some special mommas.

There will be chocolates, special drinks, and of course flowers.


Each mom will receive a gift box with skin care samples and goodies, including my newest serum, Babchi & Butterfly Pea Serum, that you can’t even buy yet!


These extras won’t cost you anything extra.  It’s my way of adding gratitude for your mom’s constant love for you.  The total cost of the package is the cost of the facial itself, which is $153. (You can book the facial anytime, but Mother’s Day is the only day where I’ll have the extra goodies.)

Prepayment can be set up to make Mom's appointment seamless by sending me an email here.

Would you like to send your mom on a journey to find her radiant self again?

All appointments for Mother's Day are filled, but the Lift, Flow, and Release facial can be scheduled for any other regular buisness time.

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