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What is coming to the sanctuary like?


Step into our sanctuary of serenity, where the whispers of nature and the echoes of healing intertwine.  Here we invite you to embark on a journey of inner harmony and outer radiance.  

As you enter, the gentle scent of essential oils greets you, embracing your senses and guiding you towards tranquility.  Amidst the soothing melodies of gentle windchimes and trickling waters, you'll find solace for your weary body and nourishment for your spirit.

Our sanctuary is more than just a place of relaxation, its a haven for transformation and renewal.  Like the roots of ancient trees grounded in the earth, our treatments are steeped in tradition and infused with the wisdom of ages past. 


Each touch, each gesture is imbued with intention, drawing upon the healing power of nature to restore balance and vitality to your being.

As you surrender to the rhythmic pulse of healing hands and the gentle caress of natural remedies, you'll feel a deep sense of connection inspired by each practitioner's commitment to their craft. Through their intuitive touch and gentle guidance, our healer's create a sacred space where you can release tension, heal old wounds, and awaken your inner radiance.


In this sacred space, time stands still, allowing you to embrace the present moment fully and experience true rejuvenation.

So come dear seeker of solace, and let us guide you on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.  Together, we'll embark on a path of transformation, awakening the wisdom within and embracing the beauty of your true essence.  

Welcome to the sanctuary.

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The creator

My name is Melissa Berry. I fell in love with the aesthetics and healing industry accidently.  

I took a make up class at a cosmetology school and was mesmerized by the baby estheticians learning their craft.  I knew I had to shake off my corporate background and dive into the world of skin care.

I spent years working in spas, honing my craft.  I thought I had it all figured out:  top of the line machines and creams would make all the right difference.

But fate had another plan.  See, my world collided with the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda at a Gua Sha class I took in 2017.  I was suddenly exposed to the ancient world of true holistic healing, a healing that dives into the root causes of conditions and skips over superficial band-aids.  A healing where the practitioner integrates the physical body and energetic spirit to treat the whole human that is standing before them.

As I dived deeper into learning about how every part of a person interacts with and effects the skin, I began to desire a better way to practice and an environment that lent itself to harmony.

And I knew that had to start with a deeper connection to myself and my clients.

These are the beginning roots of the Radiance Healer's Sanctuary and the Radiance Healer's Method.

There's so much static in the beauty industry that sometimes I have a hard time even calling it beautiful.  But I know my purpose in it is to run off the shadows with a bright light of understanding and compassion.

Sanctuary Partners

These dedicated practitioners who are driven by a genuine passion for your well-being manage their own individual businesses and specialize in diverse facets of your health.


Alex Pena

Siesta Massage & Wellness

Massage, it's more than a luxury.


Shauna Pitts

Level Up Massage

With over 20 years experience, Shauna specializes in Swedish/Deep tissue, prenatal, and reflexology.

Interested in becoming a Sanctuary partner?
Visit our suites page to find out about availabilities.

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