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5 oils to soothe your parched hands

Since the weather has decided to be winter in summer for half the country and we're all still washing our hands to the tune of Happy Birthday 50 times a day (well played 2020), I figured this would be the perfect time to talk about what are some of the best oils to use on your hands.

Our skin is created to be our protector. In order to do this job to the best of its ability, it needs to have a layer of lipids over it. Washing and sanitizing our hands removes this protective barrier. Using an oil on your hands several times a day will help the cells be able to continue keeping the environmental badies out of your body.

So which oil should you choose? This is a job for a carrier oil. Carrier oils, also known as fixed oils, are pressed from the seeds and nuts of plants. They are full of the essential fatty acids and other nutrients your skin needs. Thier cousins, the essential oils, are completely different. These are the oils that are distilled from flowers, leaves, and stems of plants and smell delightful in your oil diffuser. While containing the valuable essence of plants, these will not help your skin retain its protective nature.

Here are five carrier oils you can easily find that help keep your hands moisturized.

  1. Jojoba. This oil is native to Mexico and loves arid temperatures. It controls water loss from itself, helping it stay vibrant in the high heat areas. When applied to our skin, it has the same benefits, creating a thin layer that traps in moisture. It makes a great choice for those who must over wash their hands because it also promotes a healthy microbiome by assisting your natural acid mantle, which antibacterial soap and sanitizer destroy.

  2. Evening Primrose. This oil comes from a pretty yellow flower that grows wild all over the Americas. Evening primrose oil's claim to fame is it's high content of gamma linolenic acid. This essential fatty acid reduces inflammation and the oil has a high enough content of it to even treat some diseases. This makes it perfect for soothing irritated skin and conditions like eczema. It is light and doesn't feel greasy at all.

  3. Hazelnut. Yes, these nuts hold even more value than just being mixed with chocolate. Hazelnut oil penetrates the skin completely. It is even absorbed into the blood and helps strengthen capillaries and boost circulation. This oil is best for someone who has weak skin or bruises easily. It is not heavy and doesn't leave a greasy feeling.

  4. Hemp. This is a very unique plant. It contains hundreds of cannabinoids that work with our own bodies nervous system. It also has a very good balance of many essential fatty acids. This makes it a great oil to treat irritated skin, eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. Hemp is a heavy oil and does have a strong smell. It can be mixed with a few drops of your favorite essential oils to lighten it up.

  5. Avocado. Pressed from the pits of your favorite toast spread, this thick oil is extremely protective to the skin. It is high in vitamins A, B, & E and is a great age management oil. It supports the collagen and skin cell walls within the structure of your skin. This is a great choice if your hands are starting to look thin and aged.

There are so many carrier oils out there to try and enjoy. I hope this gives you a little insight to using the bounty of our Earth in your everyday skin treatments! For a tutorial on how to create your own cuticle oil, check out the video interview I had with Chelsea Fuentes of by following this link.

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