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4 Ways Reiki Can Help You

When I opened my own business, one of the things that excited me was being able to use Reiki in my sessions. I had been practicing Reiki for years, but wasn't able to bring it to my clients. In all honesty, I didn't think I would get may takers, but to my happy surprise, its become one of my most requested appointments.

What is Reiki you ask? Great question! Reiki is a form of alternative therapy that falls under the branch of energy healing. It has been around for hundreds of years and is believed to have been started in Japan. Reiki uses the universal energy to remove blocks that build up in our own bodies.

This energy, called ki, qi, or prana, flows through our bodies in channels, called meridians. Sometimes these meridians get blocked up, either by injuries or emotional distress. In reiki the practitioner becomes a conduit for the universal energy and directs it into the receiver's body, which then uses it to heal itself.

What is a reiki session like? It is extremely relaxing. A lot of clients simply fall into a peaceful sleep, which makes sense because your body heals best while it is sleeping. A session is typically performed with the client laying down and the practitioner standing. The practitioner (me!) places their hands above the client's body to guide the energy. What the client feels is varying. Some people feel warmth, some cold. Some clients feel a slight tingling, and some clients don't feel anything at all. It is a very relaxing experience.

So why would you opt to receive a treatment like this? Reiki has many benefits, but I've picked the top four that I regularly see.

  1. It can help relieve anxiety and feelings of stress. Restless energy is a sign of blockages in your energy flow. Restless energy can impact our lives in so many ways, from not being able to make decisions to placing stress on our physical bodies, and aging us prematurely. Reiki removes these blockages, allowing your energy to flow freely. You feel more grounded, better in tune with your surroundings, and are able to act less like a hunted deer.

  2. It can help you feel more energetic. Sluggish energy is also a sign of blocked energy. Just like with restless energy, Reiki removes these blocks and allows your energy to flow freely through your body again. This leaves you feeling better able to tackle your day, more confident, and better in tune with your environment.

  3. It can help you sleep better. If you're struggling with not being able to go to sleep at night, stay asleep, or not getting deep sleep, your body is trying to tell you that your energy is not flowing properly. Reiki sessions will help remove the stress and pent up emotion that could be causing you trouble at night, even if you don't know exactly what it is. Your body will be able to reach the deep sleep level that allows it to heal itself.

  4. It can help your body heal faster.

I have been so pleased to see "modern medicine" starting to embrace this natural healing treatment. Cancer centers, hospitals, and wound healing centers are some of the places recognizing the benefits of Reiki healing. While not a replacement for treatment, Reiki instead supplements western treatment, adding to the healing power of your body.

If this sounds like something that might help you in your life's walk, I would love to see you! Follow this link to find out more about my Reiki sessions and book yours.

Love that beautiful face!

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