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Sooo.... back again for more I see....

Well I could not be more excited to see your beautiful face again!  Let's get started!

Need help choosing your facial?  Here are some guidelines:

If we haven't seen each other for over a year, I recommend starting with the Enlightenment Facial so we can assess what's changed in your skin and what needs to be done.  Follow this link to schedule it.

If we have seen each other in the past year, just select the facial from the list below that addresses what we're working on, or if you can't remember what facial I suggested for you, shoot me an email here asking for further direction.

Looking to sign up for my monthly skin programs?  Follow this link to learn more about them and sign up.

Can't remember what all these modalities do?  Check out my benefits page here to jog your memory.


Signature Facials

013-Melissa Berry_Seabrook, TX - cropped.jpg

90 Minutes


Lift & Flow Facial

This facial is perfect for clients who want to take an active role in reversing the signs of aging in a healthy way. 


The treatment visibly lifts the skin, smooths the texture, and gets your blood and lymph flowing.

It includes:

  • Gua sha massage

  • Microcurrent

  • An enzyme peel or microcurrent

  • LED therapy

  • Extractions, if needed


75 Minutes


The Haven

This treatment was created for those who lead high stress lives and are feeling overwhelmed and frazzled. 


It's a little bit facial and a big dash of reiki that's designed to refocus your energy and send you back in to the world with confidence and passion again.

It includes:

  • Gua Sha massage

  • Meditation

  • Reiki

  • Marma Point therapy


90 Minutes


Holistic Healing Experience

This relaxing session is perfect for clients with reactive or sensitive skin who want to keep their skin functioning healthily while also enjoying a peaceful experience.

You'll leave with calm, refreshed skin and a lighter spirit.

It includes:

  • Ayurvedic scalp treatment

  • Herbal steam

  • Gua sha massage

  • Facial cupping

  • Extractions, if needed


45 Minutes $70

75 Minutes $115

Holistic Maintenance Facial

This facial is designed for clients who have achieved their skin care goals and are now looking to maintain them.  These sessions are fully customizable and include one (for a 45 minute) or three (for a 75 minute) modalities that are specific to your skin concerns.


60 Minutes


Lymphatic Detox Facial

This facial is ideal for those with redness, breakouts, and/or sensitivity in their skin.

It is designed to calm down irritated skin, reduce blemishes, and draw out toxins and build up.

It includes:

  • Enzyme treatment

  • CBD infused lymphatic drainage

  • LED Therapy

  • Oxygen Infusion

  • High frequency

  • Herbal steam

  • Extractions, if needed

anyone she wished.

"She woke up every morning with the option of being 

How beautiful it was that she always chose


- Tyler Kent White


Facial Add Ons



Eye Bright Treatment

This add-on is designed to help clients who are struggling with dark under-eye circles and puffiness.  It utilizes a traditional Ayurvedic herbal ghee eye mask and cold therapy to reduce inflammation and brighten pigmentation.




This meditation has been expertly crafted to enhance the results of your facials and promote vibrant, healthy skin. Based on scientific research, it works at a deeper level to support positive body image and overall health.

Designed to be played during the massage portion of your facial, this 30 minutes promises to be the most relaxing part of your entire day.



Chest & Neck Treatment

Our chest area is frequently exposed to the sun, which can cause aging damage to the skin.  This treatment is designed to reverse some of that damage by utilizing microdermabrasion to smooth the skin's texture and microcurrent to strengthen the muscles and lift the skin.



Hand Treatment

This treatment is designed to smooth and brighten dry hands, leaving them soft and rejuvenated.  It includes a microdermabrasion session to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, followed by a deeply moisturizing cream honey mask.  A hand massage with CBD-infused lotion completes the treatment for relaxed and dewy hands.



Lip Treatment

This treatment harnesses the power of CBD oil to enhance the appearance of your lips.  Using nanotherapy, hydrating serums are infused into your lips, providing deep hydration and nourishment.  This treatment is completed with a moisturizing CBD lip balm, leaving your lips luscious.



Ayurvedic Scalp Treatment

Indulge in a relaxing scalp treatment that uses the power of warm aromatherapy oils specific for your dosha (energy type).  While this treatment is deeply nourishing for your scalp and hair, it does leave it with a slightly oily texture.  I recommend scheduling this treatment on a day when you don't have any important events to attend.

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