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Recharge Before the Classroom Beckons

As educators, you give your all every day, nurturing minds and shaping futures.  You pour kindness, compassion, understanding, and love into your students day after da,y, all the while balancing heavy workloads with administrators' expectations.

Before you start another year, its time to fill your cup back up.


We've designed a day for teachers to replenish their spirits.

On Friday July 26th, the sanctuary will be transformed into a teacher's refuge.  The entire day we'll be dedicating our services to restoring you for the upcoming year.  After you emerge refreshed, our care will follow you home with a gift box containing treasures to remind you throughout the semester how valued you are.

We've crafted services that honor the heart and soul of a teacher.  From stress release to muscle relaxation, we dug into the question of

what would a teacher need to start the school year off feeling renewed, appreciated, and energized?

And to celebrate your impact on the community, we've united with other local businesses in the Old Seabrook area to offer you a special gift to take home, giving you support for the rest of your semester!

Choose which services you need:
Somatic Facial with Melissa

Somatic Gua Sha facial massage stimulates our bodies to process emotion and pent-up stress energy.

It helps release the emotions of burnout from trying to juggle professional responsibilities with personal life.


It helps release the emotions of anxiety from complicated administrative expectations.


It helps release the emotions of overwhelm from having far more to do than any one person could ever possibly complete.


It helps release the emotions of doubt from losing faith in your abilities.

This session will replenish your energy in 45 minutes, leaving your skin refreshed & soft and your spirit feeling lighter.

To create extra rejuvenation in your skin, you can choose to add microcurrent to your session.  This helps to tighten, tone, and visibly lift giving you a fresh, radiant glow.

Gua Sha session $70, Gua Sha + Microcurrent $125

Massage Retreat with Shauna

45 minutes to focus on the areas that plague teachers:


Relax away all the tension from your nervous system.

Neck & shoulder

Relieve knots from being bent over grading homework and doing paperwork all day.


Reflexology reduces soreness and pain that comes with being on your feet all the time.

45 Minute session $70

Claim your spot

These services can't be booked through our regular online booking systems because we've closed off our entire day so we can focus only on our local teachers & school administrators.

Please fill out the form below to request your appointment.  Once the request is received, within 24 hours an email will be sent to you confirming your reservation.

Which service(s) would you like?
First choice for start time
Second choice for start time

We're excited to see you soon! You'll receive an email within 24 hours from This will let you know the exact time of your appointment and give you further instructions. Be sure to keep on the lookout for it!

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