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How to use infrared therapy to detoxify your body

Detox has become such a cliche word. What does it even really mean anymore? Well, for our purposes today it means releasing what is the body doesn't need or is doing it harm.

Our whole bodies can use detoxifying. From not having sugar, to cleaning our skin from the chemicals in the air, and cleaning out our friends list on Facebook. I think that's one blessing from the COVID shutdown. We all had to slow down. It gave us an opportunity to think, OK when this world comes out of whatever cavernous planetary retrograde it decided to stumble into, what do I want to have with me on the other side? And who could I actually stand to be around during the zombie apocalypse?

Infrared sauna treatments are like a Facebook friends purge for your cells. And the science behind it makes me geek out.

What is an infrared sauna treatment? Infrared is a type of therapy that uses radiant heat created by electromagnetic infrared light. The heat created by this type of therapy is unique. Instead of just heating the air around you, it heats your body directly. Because of this, the actual temperature of the heat is much lower than a conventional sauna. Infrared therapy is usually between 100-130F, while a conventional sauna is between 150-180F. This allows you to start sweating at a much lower temperature.

This sweating is how you release the toxins. Is it better than sweating when you're working out? I don't think so. In the studies I've researched, sweat is sweat. There are some companies that claim that the sweat that comes from infrared therapy somehow has a higher percentage of toxins than any other sweat, but I have yet to find any corroborating study behind that. The benefit of sweating when you're using infrared is that, well, you're not working out. It's equivalent to running 2-3 miles. Only you didn't.

Infrared light penetrates the body. It actually goes into your tissues and muscles. This is how it helps relieve sore muscles, and in some studies has show to help arthritis.

One of the best benefits to using infrared is there's no reports of negative side effects. So whether you're using it to intensify the results of a new workout plan, getting a kick start on your new diet, relieving aches and pains, or trying to reduce water weight, it's a safe therapy to rely on. So go ahead, sweat out some unwanted friends you've been needing to ditch!

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