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The Gua Sha Path


Following the path of Gua Sha leads to vibrant, healthy skin. This course will teach you everything you need to know to build a ritual that makes visible changes in your skin. At Your Own Pace Created with the busy beauty in mind, this course breaks down exactly what steps to take to work on your goals. Come back over and over again to follow along, creating a simple ritual catering to you. Understand Why Learn not just how to perform Gua Sha, but the effects each movement makes, empowering yourself to construct a ritual that truly enhances your beauty. Modules: Introduction Module 1: The Basics Learn what Gua Sha can do for you, and what it can't. Module 2: The Tools Learn how to choose which tool is best for you, and which ones are a waste of money. PDF: Stone types PDF: Stone edges Module 3: The Oils Learn what oils will benefit your skin conditions the most and where to find them. PDF: Quick oil sheet Module 4: The Movements Learn the different types of movements, how to perform them, and what pressure to use. PDF: Stone edges PDF: Marma points Module 5: Beginning Steps Learn what you need to get your ritual started. Module 6: Drainage Learn the most important step of your ritual. PDF: Your facial lymphatic system. Module 7: Your Decolletage Learn how to smooth out your chest area. PDF: Yoga poses Module 8: Your Neck & Jawline Learn how to lift, de-puff, and sculpt your neck and jawline. PDF: Ergonomics Module 9: Your Cheeks & Lips Learn how to lift, smooth, and sculpt your cheeks and lips. PDF: Wrinkles & emotions Module 10: Your Eyes Learn how to lift, smooth, and de-puff your eye area. Module 11: Your Forehead Learn how to smooth and lift your forehead. Module 12: Final Tips & Thoughts My best tips from years of practice. Bonus Meditation: The Healing Well This meditation focuses on inviting a healing mindset and is perfect to listen to during your ritual.

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